About The Firm

Evans Law Offices was started in January 2000.  At its inception, the focus of the firm had been on bankruptcy law, although the attorneys with Evans Law Offices have years of experience handling civil litigation in both State and Federal Court, Family Law matters including domestic violence, complex divorces with significant assets and custody disputes.  We consider the breadth of our experience in other areas of the law to be an asset to our bankruptcy clients.  The reason for this is that bankruptcy is a unique area of the law, that includes the Federal Bankruptcy Code, but also looks to state law for various types of legal issues including exemption planning, contract law, community property laws, laws pertaining to leases and other UCC related secured contracts.

Evans Law Offices has multiple attorneys that work for the firm.  Depending on the type of matter you have, you may find that Tony Passaratti, Kelly Klokow, or Brette L. Evans or one of our other associates will be the person representing you at your hearing or trial.  

Our work ethic is to bring you the best that the law has to offer.  We offer aggressive and committed representation to our clients.  Over the years we have brought a significant amount of legal support to the bay area with our pro bono work as we have helped hundreds of people with their bankruptcy, family law or civil litigation matters, including bringing bankruptcy student loan adversary proceedings for clients when we know that circumstances exist that will allow us to prevail. 

We offer two offices for the convenience of our clients.