COVID-19 and Bankruptcy

By Brette L. Evans on April 1, 2020

The Shelter in Place orders for San Jose, Santa Cruz and the whole Bay Area has caused many people to be laid off.  With loss of jobs and businesses closing, people have conserve money for basic needs.  The good news is that the bankruptcy Court has adopted, and cases are still being filed and processed through the system, even though the Courts are closed to non-court staff.

The Bankruptcy court was lucky to have converted to electronic filing a few years back. Since the Shelter order the court has adapted with telephonic hearings.  We have also only been doing telephonic consultations.  All communications have been by telephone and email.  We have been mailing out paperwork instead of in person signing appointments.

We have been doing our part during this Shelter order, but it is essential that we continue to work as our clients have needs that have not gone away.  We just filed a new case on Tuesday for a client whose home was set to foreclosure.