Below is an interesting list of some notable people who have used the bankruptcy system to benefit them. Bankruptcy helped these notable people, why not you too!

Abraham Lincoln – 16th president of the Unites States- twice filed bankruptcy

Ulysses S. Grant – 18th president of the United States

Thomas Jefferson
– founding father, author of the Declaration of Independence, 3rd president of the United States

William McKinley – 25th president of the United States

Dave Ramsey – self-professed “get out of debt” guru

Walt Disney – as in Mickey Mouse and Disneyland

Rembrandt Haremenszoon Van Rijn – Dutch painter

P.T. Barnum – filed for bankruptcy in 1871

Mark Twain
– American author

Oscar Wilde – playwright

Henry John Heinz – condiment manufacturer famous for Heinz ketchup (my personal favorite)

Milton Hershey – founder of Hershey’s chocolate

Henry Ford – automobile manufacturer

J.C. Penney
– founder of the department store chain

Mickey Rooney – actor

Debbie Reynolds
– movie actress and hotel/casino owner

Johnny Unitas
– NFL Hall of Fame quarterback

Dorothy Hamill – figure skater, Olympian

Bjorn Borg – tennis star

Jerry Lee Lewis
– rock and roll star

Burt Reynolds
– shortly after his divorce from Loni Anderson

Sherman Hemsle
y – aka George Jefferson of “The Jefferson’s” sitcom

Gary Busey – actor

Nicholas Cage
– actor

Kim Basinger – actress, former wife of Alec Baldwin

MC Hammer – entertainer, musician, dancer (Hammer Time)

Willie Nelson – country music legend

Larry King – talk show host

Donald Trump – filed two separate Chapter 11 for his hotels/casinos

Mike Tyson – boxer, filed Chapter 11

Joe Lewis – boxer

Warren Sap
– NFL football player

Terrell Owens – NFL football player

Leon Spinks
– boxer

Stephen Baldwin – actor

Jose Conseco
– MLB baseball player

Janice Dickinson, self proclaimed “first supermodel”

Vince Neil
– lead singer of “Motley Crue”

George McGovern
– former presidential candidate

John Conally – Texas governor who was injured while riding with President John F. Kennedy at the time of his assasination.