Kelly Klokow Bankruptcy Attorney

Kelly Klokow Bankruptcy Attorney

Kelly Klokow
Bankruptcy & Family Law Attorney

Kelly Klokow is a practicing bankruptcy attorney who was admitted to the California State Bar and the Northern District of California in 2011.  Kelly’s primary focus has been working with individual debtors in consumer bankruptcy cases.

Prior to entering law school Kelly did work as a bankruptcy paralegal for a year.  Kelly’s bankruptcy study continued while she was in law school where she took courses in bankruptcy, secured transactions and through her independent studies project where she spent a semester delving into bankruptcy law surrounding stripping and cramming down of mortgage loans secured against a debtor’s personal residence.  Kelly furthered her bankruptcy experience by externing for the Honorable Judge Weissbrodt who formerly sat as a bankruptcy judge for the Northern District of California, San Jose Division.

As a practicing bankruptcy attorney since 2011, Kelly has represented over five hundred bankruptcy clients in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 proceedings in the Northern District of California, San Jose, San Francisco and Oakland Divisions.  Kelly has also worked with Ms. Evans on adversary proceedings in bankruptcy court primarily as debtor’s counsel.

Although Kelly has always worked as a bankruptcy attorney, she has also worked as a family law attorney.  Kelly has represented clients in dissolution proceedings ranging from default proceedings where publication was necessary to serve the other side to contested custody, property division and other litigated issues.  As a part of Kelly’s undergraduate work at the University of California, Santa Cruz Kelly volunteered for a Women’s Crisis Support center that provided services to individuals dealing with domestic violence and/or sexual assault issues.  The experience Kelly gained from her undergraduate program is helpful in addressing domestic violence issues in her family law practice.  Additionally, Kelly finds her work as a bankruptcy attorney helpful in dealing with financial aspects of family law cases.

In her free time Kelly enjoys spending time with her family, hiking, practicing yoga, and reading.


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