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The loss of a job or career, loss of a home, stress and illness are all factors that can come together in the breakdown of a marriage. One of the leading causes for divorce is financial and economic problems. At Evans Law Offices, we have helped hundreds of people with their dissolution problems. We are professionals with an intimate knowledge of the local practice of both bankruptcy and divorce. Whether it is simple uncontested dissolution, or one that involves domestic violence, division of significant assets, and triable issues of custody and visitation, the attorneys at Evans Law Offices are able to bring your issues to court. With our years of experience, you will find confidence and peace of mind as we work as your court and legal advocate. There are often considerations as to the timing of the divorce. Great consideration is given to a client’s pocket book.

San Jose Divorce Attorneys

The Divorce process varies from case to case depending on a variety of factors. To obtain a divorce judgment in the Santa Clara Court, the parties have to work through a number of required steps. First, the issue of venue is determined based on the party or the spouse having been a resident of California for 6 months and of the country for 3 months prior to filing the case. The divorce judgment will not issue until 6 months from the date the other party is served. Divorces are either contested or uncontested. The uncontested divorce is mediated or has terms that are agreeable to both parties. The true default case can also be classified as uncontested. Whether navigating court’s requirements in an uncontested case or contested having a family law attorney complete the divorce is important to ensure the best possible outcome. Here at Evans Law Offices, our attorneys work closely with our clients in divorce to divide assets, complete litigated discovery, and work through contested and uncontested child custody issues, and confront domestic violence in its many forms in obtaining or defending the request for DVRO Judgment.

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