Should Debt Payments be Suspended

Debt Consolidation or Bankruptcy? What is the real difference between debt consolidation and bankruptcy?  They both affect your credit score in a negative manner, which is the correct choice when a person can’t afford to pay their credit card debts

How to manage your mortgage or rent

How to manage if mortgage or rent can’t be paid while shelter in place order is in effect The Shelter in Place Orders and the coronavirus pandemic are causing serious financial conditions for people living in Santa Cruz, San Jose,

Corona virus Spurs Changes to the Bankruptcy Code

The President signed into law the Coronavirus Aid Relief, and Economic Security Act (“CARES Act”) on March 27, 2020.  Bankruptcy is Federal Law and the Federal Government added some provisions to the Cares Act to help people in Bankruptcy that

COVID-19 and Bankruptcy

By Brette L. Evans on April 1, 2020 The Shelter in Place orders for San Jose, Santa Cruz and the whole Bay Area has caused many people to be laid off.  With loss of jobs and businesses closing, people have

Does Bankruptcy Protect Assets and Income

One of the very basic tenants and cornerstones of protection is the automatic stay. When a Bankruptcy case is filed the automatic stay is put into place. The automatic stay acts as a shield to creditors, and will prevent actions

Why is paying off creditors before bankruptcy generally not a good idea?

It is generally not wise to repay debts just before filing bankruptcy. Those considering bankruptcy often owe debts to many creditors. As a result, many are tempted to attempt to pay off one or more particular creditors before they file

How To Hire An Attorney

In most cases, when you hire an attorney, you are embarking on a long term relationship. In the United States, the attorney acts as solicitor and counselor. This means that the attorney does the legal work required for your standing

Second Mortgage Lienstripping

The Bankruptcy Code offers a number of interesting code sections that allow for reorganization of secured debt.  The most secured debt that people have are their cars and their homes.  The Bankruptcy Code allows a person that files either Chapter